Handling / Cargo

Ground Handling Manual

Click on the link to the right to download a copy of our current Ground Handling Manual. This manual details processes and procedures for the handling of Titan Airways aircraft and information on carriage of cargo. Printed copies of this manual are considered uncontrolled documents and must not be used for succesive flights without checking currency against this site.

Dangerous Goods

Policy on the acceptance and carriage of Dangerous Goods by Titan Airways aircraft can be found in the download to the right. Contact the Titan Airways Dangerous Goods contact if any further information is required.

Where the IATA DGR Provisions for Passengers and Crew section has items requring 'Operator Approval' Titan Airways confirms it will accept such items without additional need to contact. It is important however for agents to ensure where required, the aircraft Captain is informed of qualifying items.

Ground Handling Notices

Amendments to our ground and cargo handling procedures are issued via email and all notices must be read before any aircraft handling commences.

Passengers with Disabilities

Within the European Union the regulations for the provision of services to passengers with disabilities stays mainly with airport authorities who are responsible for ensuring passengers progress through the terminal to their assigned gate. For operations involving passengers on charters originating in the United States the applicable legistlation is CFR 14 Part 382. This regulation requires Titan Airways to provide much of thr service that gives equal access to air travel for passengers with disabilities.

For Disability issues on US originating flights our Complaint Resolution Official (CRO) is available if passengers have a dispute in respect of their rights to equal access to air travel. The CRO can be reached through our H24 Operations telephone number +44 1279 680357

The following documents detail both the applicable legislation and Titan Airways procedures: